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Nerano is a town in the province of Napoli in the Campania region of southwestern Italy, situated on the Amalfi Coast.

Nerano should probably name that leads to the Roman Emperor Tiberius Nero, who chose Capricome her favorite summer residence. From the blue, the emperor moved with his ships on the coast, and struck by the beauty of Marina del Cantone decided to build another Villa in addition to the twelve Capri. From the name of the Emperor, is "neronianum", and then, today's Nerano. Curious that at a distance of about two thousand years, even today, the distinguished guests who visit Capri, moving on board much more comfortable boats to the coast of Nerano, for a dip in the clear waters of a typical blue color green, or to enjoy the culinary delights of the local restaurants. Over the centuries, the village of Nerano, which was originally one of the hamlets of Massa, suffered disputes historical events of the Sorrento peninsula, among which stand out the cruel and devastating Saracen pirates, who saw Nerano protagonist in spite of looting on 13 June 1558 at the hands of pial Pasha. The Turkish army landed on the marina of the canton with 2,000 men, while the fleet of 120 galleys moved to the side of the Gulf of Naples; the population frightened by ships ran up the hill, but he found the pirates who in the meantime had already devastated Nerano. Were committed unimaginable crimes, culminating with the deportation of about 1500 Massa towards Constantinople. In the last century, however, Nerano lived in the period of the two world wars, the drama of hardship and hunger; Also in this period there fĂą the opening of the quarry Bay Jeranto, where they found work in many, and then the arrival and subsequent integration of several miners from Sardinia, which have changed with their contribution of customs and traditions, an ethnic and folckloristico the village. Today, Nerano is a seaside resort, of considerable importance in the peninsula, and is universally known even beyond national borders, as well as for the beauty of its coastline and its sea, its depths and its underwater caves, for the delicacy the local cuisine of the famous "spaghetti with zucchini" are the main dish.

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typical dishes

Spaghetti alla nerano

Spaghetti with zucchini (courgettes) or Spaghetti alla Nerano is a dish that was born on the Sorrentine Peninsula. It is believed to be the invention of a lady called Maria Grazia, the proprietor of Ristorante Maria Grazia down at Marina del Cantone which overlooks the beach below Nerano just a few kilometres south of Sorrento out along the peninsula. Ristorante Maria Grazia started up in 1901 and the owners claim to have invented Spaghetti alla Nerano at the beginning of the 1950s.


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